Information for Foreigner Patients




Information for foreign patients considering availing our dental diagnosis services

 How do you do.   Thank you for your time. 


 This facility is a newly established (2015) dental clinic and medical institution authorized to treat patients with (Japanese) health insurance coverage.


 Our clinic diagnoses and treats various oral diseases.


 A staff member (Japanese dentist) will interpret the medical diagnosis (or write it) in intermediate-level English. His English skills were considered to be of that level by the people he interacted with when he visited Michigan. However, since he is not a native speaker of English, please unabashedly let us know if you cannot comprehend him.


Also, the dentists in this clinic take the qualification of 'Ph.D.' of dentistry.


  First, we will explain the consultation proceedings including the legalities.  In your first visit, you will have to fill an interview sheet(monshin-hyou, written in English).  You should provide information about your rational symptoms and an anamnesis in this sheet. In addition, this document will serve as a consent form for your diagnosis for legal purport.By signing this document, you will give your consent for the diagnosis.


  Afterwards, please tell us which certificate, published by a Japanese public office, you possess, a health-insurance (Kennkou-Hokensyou, 健康保険証) or a Certificate of Authorization for a person covered by health insurance (Hihokensya-Shikaku-Syoumeisyo, 被保険者資格証明書). After verifying it and then copying it into our medical computer, we will immediately return your certificate.


   Anyway, all foreigners can obtain guidance and receive answers to their questions about the receipt of dental treatment through telephone conversations with exclusive English-speaking officers in the Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health (Tokyo Metropolitan Government, 03-5285-8181).

 Although patients from foreign countries are more prone to experience hardships, considering your special circumstances, these officers can inform you about better ways of receiving medical diagnosis.


  (We will provide a link to this office's website below. Please go through it.) 








 * As stated above, foreign patients face many complex problems such as language barriers and legal proceedings (for example, submission of several documents). Thus, we would like to request the below agreements to any foreign patients.




1. (Important) ; Since we need to confirm the type of medical certificate(s) you possess, for example health insurance or Certificate of Authorization for a person covered by health insurance. We will verify your certificate and copy it into our medical computer. Subsequently, we will return your certificate at once. Because of this reason, diagnosis in some cases might start from the second visit, not the first. In such cases, you will receive a clinic ID card and your next (second) appointment will be set at the earliest date. Afterwards, you can obtain appointments at any date.




 2.  You will spend more time on legal procedures and actual diagnosis than the Japanese patients. Therefore, please reserve approximately 90 to 120 minutes for each visit.

 (Just to be sure.)



3.  We do not offer reservations and discuss details of diagnosis by e-mail or our website. Therefore, please inquire by telephone or in person.



4.  Agreement between the patient and dentist on the established treatment plan is necessary. Therefore, as per your case, we might request you to take some X-rays and CT scans. Accordingly, we will keep an accurate record of these scans as a precautionary measure. We promise not to levy excessive charges.



5.  All kinds of medical and public certifications and receipts (and any otherpublication documents) are written only in the Japanese language.



6. This dental clinic is newly established.  Therefore, our system and skills of office work are still undeveloped, and this might distress you. We regret this inconvenience. However, we have established the purpose of our diagnosis service; our purpose is to eradicate focal oral infections. Please forgive us if you think the treatment and complete recovery is taking a lot of time.




* A brief explanation of our diagnosis is given below.We will charge a treatment fee according to the rules of Japanese public health insurance.




1. For Dental Caries: We can free you of the throbbing pain caused by dental caries. Dental cavities, after removal of caries, will be filled with either hard resin (white) or precious metal alloys, which will enable you to chew well again. Upon completion of this treatment, your condition will revert to the initial state of caries. One treatment will finish on the same day, whereas another treatment will take 3 to 4 weeks.




2. For Periodontal Disease: This indicates inflammation of the gingiva or the alveolar bone. The cause of disease is various and multiplex. In case it exceeds secondary grade, you will need long-term cyclic treatment. Recovery also depends on the patient's general overall condition. If the disease spreads to internal organs, we will recommend you to a general hospital.




3. For Pulpitis: If the disease exceeds a certain degree, you will experience intensive pain and it will be impossible to maintain or recover your dental pulp. In such cases, you should undergo surgery under local anesthesia to remove the infected dental nerves. The pain will disappear within 5 to 7 days of the operation at the latest. However, complete recovery might take time because of the degree of infection. Although we will continue pulp cavity disinfection until the focal infection becomes almost extinct, there is a chance of it exceeding 2 months.


 4. The dental prosthesis: This treatment will be subsequent to the above-mentioned point in many cases. The changed form of your tooth or teeth will be restored to its original shape and function by putting a metal crown (or other types of dental crowns). This treatment will take about 3 to 4 weeks.


 5. Surgical treatment: Sometimes it can be difficult to preserve your infected teeth because of various factors. In such cases, we will investigate the disease in depth by taking CT scans .  As agreement for our services, we will require you to sign a consent form beforehand.However, for cases that will require general care (for example, removal of artificial material from jawbone, therapy for sequestrectomy, or periosteitis, …. etc.), we will have to recommend you to a general hospital.



6. Artificial Denture treatment: Japanese dental practitioners use resin, applied against either the artificial teeth or the acrylic resin base, as material for mending broken dentures. It can add to or mold into the old denture, fulfilling the purpose of mending, for example, adjustment of shape or increasing the number of teeth. If your denture does not fit well or induces light pain, we can add cushion material to your denture.



* : We provide other dental treatments too.


 * Our clinic works in cooperation with some major hospitals in Tokyo. Therefore, if we are unable to treat you, we will recommend you to one of these hospitals and you can continue your treatment there. Of course, these hospitals employ many people (dentists and clerical workers) who can communicate in English and hence you need not worry.


  We wish you a smooth recovery.







                                                 Yoshida Dental Clinic.




* All references in this information have been approved by the Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health (Tokyo Metropolitan Government, 03-5285-8181).


 * Numerical values mentioned (time, money, etc.) are approximate figures. They are liable to change.

* Medical staff in Japan is under obligation by law (守秘義務) to refrain from divulging patients’ personal information. Please do not worry.


 * Feel free to ask any question and we will answer you politely.

 * On this page, The making of unauthorized reproduction and of copy are prohibited


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  Thursday, Sunday, and  public holiday.